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Bucket list: Aurora borealis

The aurora borealis from Alaska

I don’t know where my fascination for the Northern lights came from. It could be the nature shows my parents had me watch as a kid. It could be the encyclopaedia entries I treated like fairy tales back when kids my age were fumbling through the onset of adolescence. It could be my choice of anime. It could be the fact that you don’t really see them in the tropical Philippine night skies.

Yeah, it’s probably the last.

The night has always captivated me—everything it conceals and all it reveals in its darkness. I don’t exactly have a problem with tropical evenings—the twilight is always a spectacle and the wind that accompanies the transition from murky evening to deep blue midnight to golden dawn is always of the perfect chill. The moon and the stars are a map to wonders for searching hearts. For me, the night lover, to see the Northern lights is to see a new aspect of all this magic.

I dream of taking my ass to Scandinavia or Iceland, camping near a lake, and waiting until night falls. I would need a guide for this though. After all, who knows how a guy from a tropical country would end up on a journey way up north. I have yet to figure out the specifics of this dream, but I’d love me a pine forest, a camp fire, and the aurora, of course. I’m not sure what the pine forest has got to do with it, to be honest, but the idea sounds cool.

I have not set a definite time period for this item in my bucket list, but I definitely see myself being able to do this once I already have the bucks. Until then, I’d be celebrating the night in all its tropical glory.

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