My name is Romeo, but in case you get the wrong idea, you can call me Jay.

I am a Cancerian and am a walking mass of contradictions.

I am relearning how to write, hence this exercise.

I am a fan of history; I can forgive, but I don’t forget.

I like a little bit of chaos in things, although I like trying to find order where it does not appear to exist.

I am terribly in love with food and am still in the process of making a choice between learning more about it and avoiding the heat of the kitchen, literally and figuratively, if you catch my drift.

I like theatrical music but I wish music loved me more.

I believe that the world is never fair, but that everyone has unlimited potential and that one can only go as far as the limits he or she has set.

Also, I hate hopia but I love my Mochi like I have never loved anything before.


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